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EV charging stations

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charging station installation

In the interests of providing our clientele with consistently better service, A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc. always stays abreast of the latest technologies and innovations in the field of electricity. That’s why we’ve garnered and honed our expertise in the area of charging stations for all types of electric vehicles. As a result, our team of specialized electricians has all of the necessary knowledge and skill to install residential, commercial, industrial and municipal EV charging stations with utmost rigor and efficiency.

At A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc., we can install EV charging stations from some of the biggest brands on the market, including ChargePoint, EVduty, FLO, Tesla and TechnoVE, just to name a few.

In addition to providing custom installation services, we have the necessary training to advise you regarding which EV charging station will best suit your needs, depending on various criteria, such as power, the ideal installation site, etc.

What’s more, we can make sure that your breaker box is compliant and that the required voltage is available. When you acquire an electric vehicle, especially if you’re an individual, it’s important that you have your home charging station properly installed by qualified professional electricians, as doing so can save you a considerable amount of time and money.

It will also ensure that you get the most out of your new electric vehicle, with no need to worry about a thing.

Something you should know…
Did you know that the government has implemented a financial assistance program for individuals who decide to purchase an electric vehicle, in addition to installing a home charging station? Nevertheless, in order for you to benefit from this discount, an RBQ-licensed master electrician, such as A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc., must perform the installation.
For all work related to your EV charging station